As government restrictions are relaxed we are looking forward to welcoming you back to our research facilities in Wetherby and can't wait to share the next stage of development for our Sensory Centre.

Even with the largest sensory facility in the North of England, the unprecedented demand we saw last Autumn has led to further expansion which will see us double our number of sealed testing booths.

For an industry which thrives and relies on human interaction, it was initially hard to envisage a way back for face-to-face research once the coronavirus pandemic took hold across the globe.

But, like many out there, we adapted to the "new normal" and, as we're now preparing to exit lockdown for the third time, it feels very different to our initial re-opening last Summer. This time we've already overcome the challenges and raring to go again!

Whilst last year will be remembered for many things, it was also the year we proudly celebrated our 35th anniversary here at Swift. So, as we close the book on 2020, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to look back at the past three and a half decades and see how we have adapted to the ‘new normal’ in which we’ve found ourselves over the past year.

Experiencing pressure is part of everyday life. But when stress becomes overwhelming, it can exacerbate an already difficult situation and lead to mental health problems.

With the UK's National Stress Awareness Day on 7th November, we asked our HR Manager, Kate Neilson to share her thoughts and past experiences of stress in the workplace.