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Virtual Shopping Research

Virtual Shopping Research

Virtual shopping and eye tracking can combine to give you an unprecedented insight into the purchase behaviour of your customers.

Traditionally, shelf tests have always been an important method of data collection. By using a mocked-up store layout, it enables a better understanding of a customer's purchasing habits and behaviours.

Virtual Shopping

In addition to traditional methods, Swift Research is proud to work alongside industry experts to offer our clients the latest approach to shopping research - virtual shopping.

As the name suggests, virtual shopping involves respondents going about their usual shopping routine in a computer simulated virtual reality store. Just like in a real store, they are able to move around, pick up items, read labels and add or remove products from their baskets.

From the respondents point of view, this methodology offers a fun, new way of participating in market research. From the client's perspective, virtual shopping can provide a very cost-effective and realistic way of using the shelf test methodology in a controlled environment.

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking

More recently Eye Tracking technology has been used within virtual shopping research. This piece of hardware enables us to not only analyse a person's actions and behaviour, but also their exact eye movements. With the use of eye tracking technology, clients are able to understand the design of product that stands out from the rest and, either consciously or subconsciously, draws a respondent's attention.

We have worked successfully with a number of organisations to harness the potential of virtual reality improving the shopping experience and helping to bring innovation to market more quickly and cost effectively.

Given the benefits, it is inevitable that in time virtual shopping will be a primary data collection tool for retail research. We have utilised the tool in research undertaken for a range of major blue-chip companies including Cadbury, Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods.