Our Focus

FMCG Research

FMCG Research

When it comes to consumer research, we have vast experience of supplying high-quality market research to blue chip clients across the FMCG industry.

Our skilled team of researchers have the in-depth knowledge and category experience to provide the data and analysis required to understand consumer trends, helping you make business decisions to maintain a competitive edge.

Research Methodologies

When it comes to market research, we understand that effectively researching different products requires different approaches and that is why we will tailor the research to best meet your requirements. Depending on the product and research objectives, we can offer telephone interviewing, web surveys, central location tests, in-home usage tests or a more bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

Our researchers will assist with segmentation, enabling you to better identify and fully understand your market. This will allow you to specifically target the customers you really want to serve.

Consumer Research

Consumer Research Expertise

Having carried out research in the food and drink sector for many years, we are proficient at conducting taste tests, both in central locations and the home environment.

We have extensive experience of working with clients in the personal care and household product sectors, specialising in both fragrance testing and product usage tests. The sensory facilities at our in-house viewing suite, Innervisions, can be utilised to provide you with video and audio recordings of product usage tests.

Over the years we are proud to have worked with major blue-chip companies in the babycare industry such as Procter & Gamble and Tommee Tippee. Helping with the design of new consumer goods and the development of existing brands, we have provided research on a range of products including nappies, wipes, sterilisers and feeding cups.

For more information on our consumer research, please call 01937 543600 to speak with one of our researchers.